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If you think eating vegan is boring, think again.Try our delicious homemade vegan food and you will be surprised how tasty it can be! 

Order from your office or from home and we will deliver to you! 

Every Monday we cook your food and deliver to you your weekly meals very fresh (5 meals) at lunch time. For people outside of Barcelona we can only deliver frozen packs. 

                                                          Price: €35 per week

 Every week check our social medias (insta and face) to check the menu. We publish our menu every Friday and you can place your order by sunday 8pm!  Explore our menu and place your order! The easy way to eat healthy and vegan! 

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     Workshops or cooking class

Workshop or cooking class is a lot more than a cooking course ...

It is a practical class where everyone puts their hand in the dough all the time. You will learn how to combine nutrients, understand the role of food in your body and how the ingredients interact to create your own delicious anti-inflammatory recipes.

We will talk about planning and preparing the ingredients for the week's recipes and the secret to a healthy routine.

You'll learn how to create pratical vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Don´t worry if you are not a vegan or if you don´t know how to cook, the workshop will give you another perspective about eating habits and make you feel like cooking.

Vegan treats workshop for kids

It is not easy to please a child's taste buds. Vegan recipes pass far from the preference of the little ones. However, it is possible to dribble this difficulty with the consumption of vegetables and fruits by the children and to promote healthy eating habits.

How about learning these vegan and healthy treats! You don´t have to cut sweets to eat well, you only need to replace it with nutritious ingredients!!

Face / Insta: vegan4ubarcelona