About us

You are what you eat

A year ago I started on this journey to bring to people a little bit of what I value in life, healthy food without animal products. I started cooking at home and delivering the food in a four wheel shopping trolley.
Now, more than ever, I see that I am on the right track, and propagating veganism through food is a better way to spread love. I have spent years studying food, and I continue to do so, to be able to consume what I know it will be 100% good for the body, and that is what I seek to pass on to everyone who eats my food.
Veganism for me is a lifestyle, I don't consume any product that comes from animal exploitation. I don't wear leather or fur, I don´t eat honey and I'm happier and happier. I haven't had a flu in years and when people ask me the secret, I show my plate. The food I delivery to everyone it is my everyday food, made with love and passion! 
Let more and more years of delicious, healthy and vegan food come for all.